Cheyenne Point Academy

Cheyenne Point Academy is an elite school, and is known for its science and technology programs. The school grounds are enormous, and said to have been designed by a famous architect, though most students find the place simply odd.

Cheyenne Point Academy is laid out in a series of concentric circles:

The Core

This is where the administrative offices are, as well as the research laboratories that Cheyenne Point Academy is famous for. Dr. Gears and Dr. Bright can be found here during the day.

The Atrium

This huge, domed area surrounding the Core is filled with plants and animals, and is laid out like a wilderness park. Some of the areas here are used for animal and plant experiments.

The Services Ring

The inner most ring of buildings houses student services: cafeterias, shops, and such.

The Classroom Ring

This is where most of the classrooms and student laboratories are situated. You spend most of the day here.

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