Mr Clef

Full Name: Mister Adelard G.S.E. Clef

Student Number: n/a

Blood Type: ??

Likes: Being Genre-Savvy and Enigmatic

Dislikes: Idiots

Mr. Clef is homeroom teacher for Mackenzie's homeroom class, and is rumored to be a pervert who likes high school girls. This is because his face has never been seen: he always wears a hospital mask and sunglasses, supposedly because of a medical condition. Aside from a few humorous scenes with Break where she stabs him in the face with a fork, he is not present in any canon storyline. He is usually seen reading a book behind the desk, letting Mackenzie run homeroom because he can't be arsed to do so himself.

Mr. Clef's major role, however, is running "Clef's Tunings." After any Bad End, Clef will appear in a classroom wearing a mortarboard cap and gown, and will critique the player's decisions and mock the choices that led to a bad end with his aides, Yoric and Light.

Spoilers Ahead

Mr Clef's Workbench

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