Sisters of Cheyenne Point

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Item #: SCP-069-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-069-J is stored in a secure locker at Site 19. Access to SCP-069-J requires prior permission from at least one (1) Level-3 personnel.

SCP-069-J may only be used on the secure, isolated computer in Isolation Area 3. Use of SCP-069-J on any terminal with a live network or internet connection will be cause for immediate revocation of access rights and possible termination.

Personnel found using SCP-069-J for excessive periods of time, or in dereliction of duty will be immediately terminated.

Description: SCP-069-J was retrieved by SCP-507 during a displacement period lasting from ██/█/200█ to ██/█/200█. Upon his return, SCP-069-J was found in his possession, and immediately contained.

SCP-069-J appears to be a commercially produced DVD in its original case. When placed into a standard PC with a Windows operating system, the disc appears to contain a Japanese-style "dating-sim" visual novel program in English. The title of the software is "The Sisters of Cheyenne Point".

SCP-069-J is reportedly "very well written and drawn", according to male test subjects who have used the software. Male test subjects will often use SCP-069-J for hours at a time, neglecting all other activity in an attempt to attain "100% completion". Female test subjects exhibit little interest in SCP-069-J. Possible memetic properties are under investigation.

Addendum 069-J-1: Research into SCP-069-J has yielded no memetic properties. SCP-069-J has been reclassified from Euclid to Safe.






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